Whiteboard Animation

Video content is always considered as more powerful content. Whiteboard and animated explainer is a type of video where pictures are drawn on a white background and contains a narrative storytelling. Evision Atlanta has a team of experts who make white board videos that breaks down complex concepts into easy, understandable and engaging content, which quickly deliver the message. These videos can be used anywhere such as for the office presentations or for the education purpose.

Benefits of whiteboard animations:

  • No need to appear on the camera or hire actors.
  • Whiteboard animation is entertaining and eye-catching.
  • More distinctive and professional looking than slideshow type videos.
  • Makes difficult concepts easy to understand and are very much engaging.

White board animation services

  • One to one understanding brief
  • 10 sec demo
  • Unlimited reviews
  • After sales support


  • Multiple formats
  • Anytime downloads
  • Copyrights transfer

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