Make an impact using these 7 digital marketing tips
December 13, 2019
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March 10, 2020


Many bloggers and website owners still struggle with SEO. Grab that cup of coffee right now and let’s have a talk on what it is. Let’s talk on what search engine optimization really is and why is it important for your business and blog.

In the simplest terms, SEO is how people find you online and in search engines like Google. Search Engine Optimization can help you boost the online presence of you if done the right way. Without getting into the technical things, let’s see some tips that can make your blog and your website search engine friendly:

1. Have proper Post Titles

Think like your audience. Think of what they will search in Google if they were looking for information that you are writing on. Then think of it from a different perspective, how others will search for the phrase to reach the same title and from that make a title. Example of a good title: Digital marketing funnel

2. If we are on about Titles…

The post title you are sharing plays a vital role in the eyes of SEO. It shows on the top of the browser title bar and the posting page as well.

The title of your post plays a vital role when it comes to SEO. The title not only shows on the post as the heading but also shows on top of the browser and the address bar. The title you keep makes an impact on the reader. Many bloggers make the mistake of keeping the post title after the blog name. This lessens the impact. You would not want to read a post titled: “Evision Atlanta: Make an impact using these 7 digital marketing tips.” The title does not catch attention. It should be formatted like: “Generate traffic to your business blogs: Evision Atlanta” where the title comes first then the name of the website. This can be done easily by editing the HTML code. However, will require to get your hands to get dirty.

3. Pay attention to your content

What a basic concept right? Even the most basic concept isn’t as common as you think. Many bloggers do not actually pay attention to the content that they write. By attention, I do not mean the grammatical mistakes and sentence structure. It is important, however, to research the internet a little and find popular searches and phrases. Then use those phrases in your content so you can rank. For example, SEO Basics is one of the most searched keywords relating to SEO. Notice how much I used it in my post? As long as it goes with the flow and does not sound like there are random keywords in the post-use it. In this way, search for phrases and topics that are hot and use them in your content.

4. Do not use too many keywords in your post

Many bloggers know that search engines use keywords to rank websites and posts. However, it is not true that search engines will rank you if you use a bunch of keywords for your post. Stuffing too many keywords will not rank you. Stuffing your post with keywords will have a negative effect on your website instead of having a positive one. If you stuff too many keywords, Google will see this as keyword spamming and you will not get anywhere in the ranking. Try providing your audience with the value instead of writing only for the rankings.

5. Do not use images too much

When possible, use text instead of images. Using text ensures that Google reads your title and post. The crawlers cannot really read and identify images and hence you will not rank anywhere. Use text every time you can. Instead of using graphics titles, use text and heading tags such as H1 or H2 for the crawlers. Google sees headings and that will help you rank.

I hope the 5 basics for bloggers were helpful that you can easily apply to your website. I could not cover everything there is for bloggers but I did give some good starting points. Remember that there is no easy way to rank and get traffic to your website. It is the constant work that will work and pay off those months of work. 

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