EVISION Atlanta is a Digital Agency and Animation Studio serving businesses in the US and around the world right from Metro Atlanta since 2015. EVISION is a 100% US family-owned small business. Our mission is to serve Innovative Digital Agency services to small businesses enabling them to stay competitive in the new norm of post-COVID situations and beyond.

Since its inception in 2015, we have served retailers, service businesses (doctors, accountants, lawyers, roofing companies, logistics, etc), state government, eLearning and more.

Our client calls us Digital Genius, Extended Arms, Performance Rockstar and more. Thanks to our experienced and expert team who made us standout successful in each of our assignments. Our success lies in best practice and ethical delivery in digital agencies to deliver performance marketing.  We stay above the sphere to delivery effective and efficient digital solution to our client, enabling them to stay competitive and profitable.

We offer end to end services to our customers ranging from Strategy, Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Evaluation, covering creative, technology, operations, analytics and CRS (social impact)

Besides serving small businesses, we are also a back office to some of the finest digital agencies in the US, we work as White Label Digital Agency for them.

Recently, we have launched a new initiative for Fractional CMO for small businesses. We understand the growing cost and market demand, our CMOx works as an inhouse CMO who takes charge of the entire marketing scope. Extending our CMOx initiative, we offer a Virtual Marketing Department where we manage the entire marketing department to manage strategy, creative, content, monitoring and execution all under our supervision. This way businesses use the Pay as You Go model rather than the full time salaried CMO and/or marketing department.

Sound interesting, Give us a call at (404) 330-9981 or set up a time for eCoffee.


Digital Journey


Have you been thinking of strategy lately, Nah! Its waste of time, we agree. But, moving forward it’s important to have a bird eye view of the industry and economy to anticipate opportunities and threats.


Do you go to doctor when you are sick, I do. Similarly, we are doctor of digital, we have the license, and we can prescribe the right move for you to succeed in digital initiatives.


Don’t scare of technology, try ’em, fail fast to learn fast, and finally build your competitive advantage.


Marketing? why do you need marketing? Let’s say, do you plan to take your business to next generation, then yes you do.