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Atlanta is a thriving Cosmopolitan. The Atlanta business community believes in Diversity, Inclusion and Equity which is the stones of modern Atlanta. There are 1000s of businesses of various sizes and types serving the beautiful Metro Atlanta community, ranging from education, healthcare, finance, real estate, logistics, legal and more.

EVISION Atlanta a premium Digital Agency and 2D Animation Studio offering various digital marketing services to businesses in Metro Atlanta and adjoining areas. There are many Atlanta SEO Services company and agencies but, EVISION is the only one which gives a data-driven roadmap for your SEO initiative. Thanks to our compact team, we can add/remove keyword as and when needed in order to target a niche, trend, occasion or more.

Here are few tips on how to establish a relationship with any Atlanta SEO Services company or agency when you are finding for an SEO or Search Engine company near me.

SEO Strategy

Filter out unwanted goals. Don’t put lots of stuff on your plate. Strategize what product/service you would like to promote and who is your target audience. Strategize one or a few products/services for SEO and start humbly with basic on-page SEO and select non-competitive (geo-targeted keywords). Once you start moving and get the grip then, move to highly competitive keywords.


Once you strategize the objective then the next step is to plan the execution with task, time and KPIs. Never give time and space to your SEO Agency. An experienced and sound SEO Agency will deliver the results within the set timeframe and budget.


After SEO Strategy and SEO Planning, SEO Execution is extremely important. One has to keep track on the content, link building and other SEO activity to ensure they are done correctly or what so call White Hat SEO which is another way of saying Best Practices. Moreover, ensure you have access to all the site where the account has been created. We consider various best practices in SEO most importantly we follow Google SEO Guideline, followed by page speed, creatives, content, user experience and more. Our SEO is unique in the way, we are user focus and not search engine focus which helps us to stand out.


Regularly check the progress. The progress could be in many forms viz setup, keyword indexing, keyword ranking and more. And there should be increment on monthly basis. Also, check for the conversion and sales you generate.

Being a premium Atlanta SEO Services Company, we offer impactful SEO services based on businesses’ needs. Our SEO Dynamics comprises of Offer + Keyword + Target Niche + Period (start to end date) and more. Based on our experience and expert team, we almost work as an Ad-Campaign with all the options to ON and OFF as needed. We don’t let any efforts or investment drain for nothing, our planned SEO execution is spearhead towards the target and we keep monitoring it on an ongoing basis.