Content Creation

Content is fire, social media is gasoline.” – Jay Baer

Content is essential for any business no matter the industry they are in. From gated content to evergreen content, to social media content, a business without content is a business that does not exist online and offline.

Our Solutions Process


We start by getting to know your audience. We then examine the content your competitors are creating to identify whitespace. We also take the time to get to know you because it is essential to understand how you work and what knowledge we can provide to produce the best possible content.

Thought Process

Once we understand your business and our goals, it’s time for us to put our heads together and come up with business-related ideas that will add value to your audience and make their careers better. When we have come up with some fresh ideas, we pitch them to you for feedback.

Copywriting & Design

Our experienced copywriters take what they have learned and then apply your sole brand voice and outlook to create compelling content pieces. From the beginning, the content team works closely with designers to ensure that your content grabs the audience’s attention and holds it with exceptional visuals.

Launch & Promotion

Launching your content is not the end. In an age of content overload, your content promotion strategy must be every bit as smart as your content creation plan. Recognized, earned, and paid tactics all have their place in promoting content. Successful social promotion and digital PR can add enormous value. The paid advertisement has the advantage of extending your reach and collecting data about what ads attract interest and from whom.

Judgment & Emphasis

Content creation marketing does not follow conversions in the same way as ads, but the measurement is still critical to generate insights, gauge performance, and plan future content. Content creation is usually about raising awareness and attracting interest from prospects. A piece of content can hit the jackpot and find a vast audience & Marketing


The Club Price

The Club Price owned by Texas Jasmine a leading wholeseller based out of Texas approach us to launch their initiative to sell individual chocolate ad discount price. We launched the site and got them the first order in around 1.5 months. In through months they were at $30k sales. More importantly, we brought the conversion cost from Google Shopping from $8 to $2 and clicks from $4 to $0.40 cents.

Some of the key work we did for them were

· Market research about the product competitor

· Consumer behaviour who buys snacks and chocolates

· Offshoot we can launch besides online retail which came to subscriptions and specialize boxes

· We use analytics to drive offerings to right target audience which brought us huge conversion

· We use shopify advance features to manage the stores

· SEO were done to generate organic sales

· Pinterest and Instagram engagement were done to buildup branding

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