Global Experience Assessment

Technology and testing come together to help brands
earn worldwide appeal.

Success in Understanding

For global brands, every new market is a new test. What works in New York won’t work
in Paris; what works in Paris might not resonate in Buenos Aires. Business leaders
understand this, implementing localization practices across global markets. Every choice matters for a brand, and the stakes are high.

But true localization, the kind that shows real cultural literacy, is a complex equation of messaging, UX, and strategy. Fostering a global brand is all about stepping into your users’ shoes and understanding what fuels their interest. That’s a marketing problem.
So, get marketers to solve it.

That’s why BFM has developed Global Experience Assessment: a unique hybrid program that merges testing, data science, and market research to drive localization efforts and build brands that earn affection the world over.

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the club price


The Club Price

The Club Price owned by Texas Jasmine a leading wholeseller based out of Texas approach us to launch their initiative to sell individual chocolate ad discount price. We launched the site and got them the first order in around 1.5 months. In through months they were at $30k sales. More importantly, we brought the conversion cost from Google Shopping from $8 to $2 and clicks from $4 to $0.40 cents.

Some of the key work we did for them were

· Market research about the product competitor

· Consumer behaviour who buys snacks and chocolates

· Offshoot we can launch besides online retail which came to subscriptions and specialize boxes

· We use analytics to drive offerings to right target audience which brought us huge conversion

· We use shopify advance features to manage the stores

· SEO were done to generate organic sales

· Pinterest and Instagram engagement were done to buildup branding

Why Global Brands Choose Us

A global presence comes with distinct challenges – often unexpected ones. Our team has experience helping brands clear these hurdles, so they can move confidently in international markets.

Scalable Testing. Testing can quickly become unsustainable at a global scale.
We’ve solved this by leveraging the vast outsourcing network of Pactera EDGE, our
parent company, putting hundreds of thousands of global resources within reach.

Cross-Team Collaboration. You get the best of both worlds: class-leading localization knowledge, and agency-grade creative thinking.

A Focus on Strategy. We work with you to identify and prioritize business goals, and help stakeholders see the strategic steps necessary to realize global success.

Not convinced yet? Take a closer look.

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What Sets Global Experience Assessment Apart

Software, content, testing, research – a lot comes together to evolve your global UX. The result, however, is singular: A brand experience suited for the world stage.

Powered by OneForma

Enabling global testing at scale

Our proprietary crowdsourcing software, OneForma, drives user recruitment, streamlines project management, and enables testing of embedded content. Our project teams can recruit participants by demographic, language, and much more, vastly shrinking the burden of multi-regional testing. Plus, flexible dashboards help you visualize information every step of the way.

Flexible User Testing

Making sense of sentiment

We leverage the support of Pactera EDGE and its global network of translators and UX specialists to administer testing that is tailor-made to the specific needs of your project. From structured interviews to linguistic and UX feedback, our teams glean the information that matters to you, whether that’s the effectiveness of your user journey, the tone of your content, or the perception of your brand.

Competitive Analysis

Measuring the market

They may be competitors to you, but to your users, they’re alternatives. It pays to know how you stack up against them. We source participants and engage with them to get honest feedback on the UX, messaging, and design of your competitive set. Results are collected, analyzed by our team, and leveraged to help identify where you stand out – and where you stand to do more.

Strategic Focus

Know-how for now

Agency chops meet enterprise knowledge to deliver services that are tuned to your business goals today, tomorrow, and even 10 years from now. Our teams make a concerted effort to go beyond just telling you the state of things – we chart a practical roadmap for productive change and give you the tools and knowledge to act.