How To Boost Holiday Sales Through Digital Marketing in 2022?


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November 15, 2022
How To Boost Holiday Sales Through Digital Marketing in 2022?

The holiday shopping season of 2021 saw an increase in retail sales in the United States of 16.1%, which was the fastest growth rate in more than 20 years.

Will the trend continue in 2022? With Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday approaching, e-commerce sales are anticipated to increase by 15.5% to $235.86 billion during this time.

How, then, can you increase your profits during the busy season? This article discusses several ways to increase your holiday sales in 2022. 

Improve The Efficiency Of Your Online Checkout

Everything begins with your website. You must make it simple to buy if you want to increase sales.

Focus on reducing friction during the checkout process to boost conversions. You don’t want to make your customers’ lives difficult because they’ve already decided to buy from you, and you risk losing them for good.

When customers are checking out, you should be generous with them with requirements and boxes to check. Instead, space out the steps so customers can move from one part of the process to the next. At every step of the checkout procedure, you should allow your customers complete visibility of what is in their shopping cart.

During checkout, you should also think about how quickly your website loads. Being frustrated by a slow website will only worsen people’s holiday stress. 70% of online consumers acknowledge that page speed affects their willingness to purchase from an online merchant.

Likewise, for every extra second a website takes to load, its conversion rates decline by an average of 4.42%. You should aim to have your website load in 2.2 seconds or less.

E-commerce is the most effective way for retailers to speed up their websites and checkout procedures. Our E-commerce services and website designs guarantee that your site loads quickly and that customers can breeze through the process.

Create Landing Pages Specifically For Holidays 

Make landing pages to persuade website visitors to buy something from your store. Create landing pages that are contextually relevant to the keywords customers use to find your site if you are using paid advertisements to drive traffic to your store, which you should be doing.

Due to a special holiday sale you are promoting or a similar seasonal offer, you may be driving more traffic during the holiday season. Customers should be informed about the offer and how to take advantage of it on your landing page.

Your critical messaging should also emphasize the offer’s time-sensitive nature and provide a clear path to purchasing with a clearly labeled Call-to-Action (CTA).

Instead of just using your product pages as a destination, you could create multi-product landing pages, which convert better than single-product landing pages.

Publish and Promote A Holiday Gift Guide 

During the Christmas shopping season, everyone looks for gift suggestions. A digital gift guide is one of the most potent tools in your arsenal for holiday marketing. By discussing your products and sector in a gift guide, you can attract search traffic that is highly motivated to make a purchase.

A gift guide must be carefully crafted and promoted because it is more than just a list of items in a catalog.

Your holiday gift guide should be as data-driven as possible, featuring your best-selling items in a separate section just for them. Your gift guide should be influenced by consumer and market trends, so be aware of what pastimes or fashions are popular with your target audience and try to capitalize on them.

A lengthy piece of content that contains all the keywords your website wants to rank for this holiday season, gift guides are also SEO gold mines. Google adores such content.

A gift guide that has been optimized for SEO will drive new search traffic to your store and assist you in stealing customers from your rivals.

Create Contests On Social Media To Engage Customers 

Running social media contests is a great way to keep your customers interested during the holiday season and can increase online and offline traffic conversion.

One easy way to attract customers and get them into your store is to run a small-item giveaway that the winner must pick up in-store. This can also be used as a conversion from online to offline, which is crucial during the holiday season.

Due to their busy schedules during the holidays, people may browse online before visiting your brick-and-mortar store.

Run Paid Search Ads That Target Holiday Traffic 

During the holiday season, impulsive purchases and product searches peak. Giving your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns more focus during this period can significantly increase your website’s traffic. When done correctly, including language and keywords from the holiday season in your campaigns can boost traffic and sales.

The main pattern to notice at this time of year is the rise in traffic value because customers are more likely to make purchases when they browse and search during the holiday season.

Additionally, only large corporations must pay for search advertisements. Small businesses with specialized products can succeed significantly by placing bids on relevant local searches.

During the holiday shopping season, PPC can boost your e-commerce sales.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Customers are using various devices to shop online during the busy holiday season. Over half of all web traffic today is mobile, so if your website doesn’t work well on these devices, you’re essentially fighting with one hand tied behind your back.

Your organic search performance will improve if your website is mobile-friendly, as Google now favors mobile-friendly websites over those that offer a terrible user experience.

Final Thoughts 

A successful retail year can be made or broken during the holiday season. Using the strategies mentioned above, you can give yourself the best chance to end the year on a high note.

Although the strategies mentioned above are enhanced for the holiday season, you can still use them anytime to increase traffic and online sales to your store.

We hope you found this article helpful and that you use it to increase your online store’s holiday sales through digital marketing.