How to grow your business with Google My Business

Google is considered one of the most visited search engine websites, with 92% of the market share. Therefore, small and big businesses aim to appear at the top of Google’s engine rankings. However, it is not easy because Google often updates its algorithms, making it difficult for businesses to keep up. With the emergence of digital marketing, such as keyword optimization, ad targeting, advertising, and social media marketing, it became easier for businesses to increase their online presence. Google My Business is not an exception; it significantly impacts enhancing your business content and online presence to make it easier for clients to find you.

Are you looking for a tool that is easy to use and guaranteed to get you traffic from Google? Do you want a platform that supplies you with clients/buyers quickly? Then Google My Business is the platform you were searching for. Using Google My Business, you can easily broadcast your business goals, mission, vision, and cause and at the same time receive more customers.

What is Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business, previously known as Google Business Profile, is Google’s free business listing. It is a google profile that allows you to upload information about your business, including photos, services, location, and updates. Through Google My Business, information about your business can appear on Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Shopping. Additionally, Google My Business helps to enhance your business’s online presence on many other Google platforms. Google My Business lets you control your business image as you can manage your reviews and connect with customers.  

It is essential to understand whether Google My Business is perfect for your business or not. Suppose you have a physical location business such as a restaurant or business that offers services by meeting with customers like consultants and plumbers. In that case, you can use Google My Business. But if your business is an online-only business, it is better to use other Google tools like Google Ads and Google Analytics.

The importance of having a Google My Business account

  • With information uploaded on the Google My Business account, your business can get discovered on Google and Google Maps. Google My Business assures that people can find information about your business, like where and how to visit you, if they search for similar services and products in their local area. Thus, Google My Business enhances your business’s local SEO.
  • Google My Business lets you control and update your online business information such as location, working hours, or other important information. Most importantly, you can update if your services are expanded, closed for a short time, or fully resumed. As Google My Business has a strong SEO, updating information can take your business to the top rankings of the search engine above those sites with outdated details.
  • Google My Business helps your organization to build trust and credibility by star rating and allowing your customers to leave their reviews after using your products/services. Star ratings and reviews help potential clients decide which services to use or products to buy.

How to create a Google My Business Page

  1. Sign in to Google My Business Profile Manager – ifyou have an existed Google account, you can directly register your business on the GMB listing. If you don’t have a Google account, you can sign in for free on the GMB.
  2. Enter your Business Details –  after signing in to Google My Business, you can complete your profile by adding the details about your business, such as location, contact information, and pictures. Once the profile is completed, recheck it to ensure all the information is correct.
  3. Verify your business – Google demands company verification to assure that you are the owner/manager of the listing you establish. There are different ways of verification; companies that offer services can verify by phone, email, SMS, or Search Console, whereas for physical businesses, it is required to verify their listing through the mail. Google will send you a five-digit code within 14 days.
  4. Customize your profile – add your business hours, messaging preferences, company description, and photos. Then click on Continue, and Google My Business Profile Manager Dashboard appears.

How your Google My Business Profile gets optimized

The following three determinants are the main factors based on what Google decides on local search ranking:

  1. Relevance
  2. Distance
  3. Prominence

There are several steps you can take to increase your score for the factors mentioned above to optimize your Google My Business Profile:

Complete all features of your profile

It is imperative to complete your profile by telling the Google searchers “what your business does, where it is, and when they can visit you.” Make sure to update information about your business, especially your working hours. Complete profile maximizes your score for relevance. According to Google, “businesses with complete and accurate information are easier to match with the right searches.”

Verify your location

It will increase your score for distance. Businesses with verified locations are more likely to appear on the top rankings of  Google products. 

Add original photos and videos of your Business

As Google My Business allows you to include your business logo and cover photo, use pictures consistent with those on social media profiles to make it easier for customers to recognize your business. In addition, add photos and videos to show your work atmosphere, location, and teamwork.

Use keywords in your profile

Choosing the right keywords enhances your business relevance. Different tools like Google Trends, Google Analytics, Hootsuite Insights, and Keyword Planner can help you find out keywords people type to search for your business. Be careful while choosing which terms to use because using unrelated keywords can hurt your business search ranking.

Request for reviews and answer questions

Ask your customers to leave reviews after using your services/products, especially after having a great experience. Google My Business provides a special link to send your customers to review your business. “It is proven that people trust other people more than they trust businesses.” Therefore, positive reviews increase your business search ranking and encourage more customers to use your services/products. Google My Business doesn’t have the option of turning off negative reviews. However, you can report inappropriate reviews. It is recommended to answer reviews to increase your business’s trustworthiness. Try to be professional in your replies to negative reviews.

Update your business information

Keep your business information up-to-date, including contact details, working hours, etc. Make sure you update your hours of operation if you have special hours during holidays, weekends, or other occasions. It is annoying for customers to find you closed when the provided information on your Google My Business Profile says otherwise. Moreover, add Google My Business posts such as offers, updates, news, or events.

Make use of free marketing tools by Google

Google offers businesses a free marketing kit with social media posts, printable posters, and stickers. You can create custom videos to showcase your business using free tools. You can access the link to the free marketing kit only after setting up your Google My Business Profile.

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