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Atlanta SEO Services for small businesses

Holistic SEO Services Agency in Atlanta with complete package covering SEO Audit, Keyword selection, page rank monitoring and suggestion to further improve impact.

SEO has equal opportunities for small and big businesses alike. On average 30% of any website traffic of any business is generated through organic searches. Search Engine Optimization helps businesses to keep their brand presence in front of prospects along with information needed about the product, pricing and purchase.

One must consider the following action items for SEO.

  • Determine the short-term precise goals. For example, one product/service to one niche. This way your SEO action is focused rather than disburse and do not generate traffic.
  • Create content for that product/services and niche through a proper landing page.
  • Monitor the progress that leads to top ranking, traffic and conversion. 

Our Process

Strategize: We take detail interview of the business owner on what is their short term and long-term goals when they want to launch the campaign, who are the target audience and so on. We also do an SEO audit of the current health of the website and brand positioning. Based on that we narrow down the options and settle with the SEO Plan which is achievable and profitable. Once the Offer + Product/Service + Content + Audience is set, then we move to Plan.

Planning: In Planning, we select various avenue on how we can get the goal achieved. There are many avenues in SEO ranging from Local SEO to Video SEO (YouTube) and from Focus Keyword to Long Tail Keyword. Once the avenue has decided, execution is the kick-off.

Execution: In the execution phase, we work with the client to develop content matching the avenue selected. Engaging content is created to the audience gets attracted to make the conversion.

Monitoring: We track the good news and bad news in terms of SEO output so that, we can move to the next step. Some of the tools we use to monitor the SEO is Google Search Console, Google Analytics, SEMRush and HREF to name a few.

In Atlanta SEO Services is been provided by the freelancer, Digital Agencies, SEO companies and Ad Agencies. E-Vison Atlanta offers Holistic SEO services for strategy, planning, execution and monitoring. Furthermore, E-Vision serves businesses with creative, content, link building, page optimization and more in order to provide one window turnkey solution to Atlanta Business Community.