Social Media Marketing

Why social media is important for the consumer journey

Social Media Marketing has become mainstream marketing just like Google Ads or TV Ads. Social Media Marketing (SMM) can also be called as the first phase in the consumer journey towards the final purchase. Through social media marketing businesses can trigger brand awareness, product intro and customer reviews can become an integral part of marketing. The reach and engagement may sometimes take time, for this a social media marketing agency are called on board to expedite the process. SMM Agency offers various services which include creatives, copywriting, engagement, advertising, CTA campaign in order to start and finish the consumer journey which could en route to other social media channel and website or happen on the social media too. In order to facilitate the complete journey, social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest have come up with their own stores along with analytical tools to measure the conversion and generate maximum RoI

Case Study

The Club Price offers a variety of snacks in individual pieces. This means instead of buying a box of KitKat, now you can buy 10 different chocolates and enjoy the variety. In order to promote awareness and offer. To establish a cohesive consumer journey, multiple social media channels like FB, Pinterest, and Youtube were set up to optimize awareness to the conversion consumer journey. One of the successful campaigns was Enjoy Variety Snacks Box at Super Bowl, where we receive lots of traffic and conversion. Most importantly, we got an idea of our audience who loved consuming while watching matches at home.

Our Approach

Strategy/Envision: The first step is to plan what actually the organization wishes to achieve through social media campaigns, or in fact how social media can become an integral part of omnichannel marketing for the organization. Importantly, document various KPIs to be achieved through SMM. Audience: Social Media is all about people. In order to run any successful campaign, the brand has to identify the audience for its product and services. Once the audience is identified then it’s easy to go for the next step. Creatives and Communication: Once you know the audience, the next step is to execute creative production for the post, campaign, and engagement. Execution: Social Media Management is a professional work which requires dedication and proper planning, Within this responsibility the agency ensures timely post, with sure engagement and reaching the desire KPIs Monitoring and Analysis: Within the Monitoring and Analysis, SMM performance is measure as per industry and internal KPIs

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