2D Explainer Videos

Since its incorporation in 2016, EVISION ATLANTA has been providing inspiring content to brands all around the world. We have a strong passion for storytelling and we are good at it too. In order to convey your product description to customers, we illustrate and animate 2D explainer videos which are captivating and easy to understand.

These videos cover all aspects of the product/brand and help guide the user the way you want them to be guided. A clear set of instructions are provided allowing the customer to have an educated opinion about their needs and requirements. With the help of 2D explainer videos, you can ensure that your brand is seen exactly the way you want.

Benefits of 2D explainer videos

  • Allow better engagement for visitors
  • Can simplify difficult problems in small timeframes
  • Creates awareness for viewers
  • Helps identify your target customers
  • Guaranteed better Return On Investment.
  • Can be uploaded anywhere and supports all social media platform requirements.

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