Infographic Video

Digital marketing has evolved a lot over the years and we witnessed a preference of viewership over readership. Nearly 90% of the information customers remember is visual based, which led to the creation of different types of animated infographic videos. Infographic videos are one of them, this kind of videos not only entertain but also inform people at the same time.

Evision Atlanta’s team of creative minds which create infographic videos for the clients to engage the customers. These interactive infographics allow customers to soak all the vital information in a very entertaining way that will encourage them to engage with your brand. Whether you want to display complex information about your organization, cover market trends, dynamise financial reports or explain an issue or a cause, infographic videos or data visualization videos are the perfect solutions.

Benefits of infographic videos

  • Infographic video transforms a non-media piece to an effective one
  • Re-purpose information to generate more links and social activity.
  • tell a very clear and direct story.
  • Access the viewing audience by uploading video infographics onto the sites.
  • A Video Infographic gives you an extra appeal, and draws in a larger crowd.

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