Short Video Ads

A video is a powerful tool for marketing and a simple, short interactive video ads of 10-15 sec that can be uploaded to Facebook, YouTube, websites, sales letters or blog sites can help you to land new clients. Video ads have more power to reach your target audience than static posts. Nearly 70% audience are interested in watching video ads. Evision Atlanta is featuring exceptional value on short video ads that are perfect for Facebook and YouTube marketing. Online Ads can help you earn better rank through SEO. These videos can easily be shared through social media channels, emails, and also through different websites. We assist you in the process of ideation, script writing, animation, voice over and submission.

Benefits of short video ads

  • Positive impact on consumer psychology.
  • Device friendly nature.
  • Videos are shareable.
  • Can earn better ranking through SEO
  • Video ads have better conversion for sales.

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