Short Video Ads

Majority of revenue generated online is through advertisements and it is proven that a viewer remembers a video better than written text or audio notes. Short video ads are foolproof ways of ensuring that the brand’s mentality is imprinted on the viewers. Uploading these ads on social media platforms solidifies your company’s reach that it needs to grow and excel.

Short video advertising allows for an organization to convey its message to the audience in a positive and lasting way with a high return on investment. EVISION ATLANTA has been making successful video advertisements for customers on all kinds of niches. From script writing and animation to uploading and management, we will stand with you all the way providing your business with the groundwork it requires to skyrocket to the top.

Here are a few benefits of working with us:

  • Short video ads have a positive impact on consumer psychology
  • Supports all formats and can be uploaded on social media
  • Google ranks your website higher than those who do not use video advertisement
  • Higher conversion rate for sales.

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