Whiteboard Animation

Majority of customers prefer to have an explanatory video involved rather than relying on plain text. Having someone verbally dissect the topic really helps users understand and gauge concepts related to the product/brand, automatically increasing awareness about what you do and how you do it.

Our team of experts create unique whiteboard animation videos which allow you to deliver your message in less time. They also break down complex ideas into smaller ones for the ease of the customer to understand.

There is no need to hire cameras or actors for your shoot, it simply consists of an illustrator drawing ideas on a large piece of whiteboard. They are entertaining and attention grabbing and serve a higher purpose for the client to understand how the organization works.

It is important that you get your whiteboard animated video made from someone as professional and experienced as EVISION ATLANTA because our unique and sensational videos have inspired a few inc5000 companies to work with us and we have gained valuable market insight because of such a progressive experience.

Here are benefits for having a whiteboard animation video present on your landing page:

  • One on one attention is given to the viewer
  • Supports multiple formats
  • EVISION ATLANTA offers unlimited reviews for your videos all the time
  • You have the copyrights to the video, not us
  • Professional look
  • Convenient to maintain and edit

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