When you search for “SEO Atlanta or Atlanta SEO company/agency near me,” you will find E-Vision on top of Google and other search engines. The reason is apparent; we are the SEO expert in Atlanta.

Atlanta is a thriving Cosmopolitan. The Atlanta business community believes in Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity which are the cornerstones of modern Atlanta. There are 1000s of businesses of various sizes and types serving the beautiful Metro Atlanta community, ranging from education, healthcare, finance, real estate, logistics, legal and more.

E-Vision Atlanta, a premium Digital Agency and 2D Animation Studio, offers various digital marketing services to Metro Atlanta and adjoining areas. There are many SEO consultants in Atlanta. E-Vision is the only one that gives a data-driven roadmap for your SEO initiative. Thanks to our compact team, we set up, steer, and reorganize at any stage. 

Here is the E-Vision secret SEO Technique

SEO Strategy for SEO services in Atlanta

The first step is to deduce. Keep your SEO objective plain and simple and get started from very basic. Following are SEO Strategy to get started

  1. Select ten keywords to begin. Opt for local keywords rather than nationwide keywords. For e.g. CPA in Stone Moutain, Dentist for Kids in Decatur.
  2. Bring the visitor directly to the landing page rather than the main page or contact page.
  3. Setup a consumer journey and lead capture mechanism

Once you strategize the SEO objective, the next step is to plan the execution with tasks, time, and KPIs. Define the keywords, duration to position in search results, generate traffic, and expected number of conversions (form fillup or phone calls)


Onsite optimization covers landing pages, schema setting, optimization for load time, and more. Offsite optimization covers backlink, local SEO, social media integration, YouTube integration, and more. Above all, weekly and monthly reports to monitor quality reach, presence, and traffic.


There are a couple of reasons for monitoring. a) To see the execution is as per strategy. b) The SEO activity is bringing good results. c) Does the SEO needs the next level to go ahead, i.e., adding a few more keywords or adding nationwide keywords and so on.

In the end, celebrate the SEO success that brings you brand reputation, wider reach, and higher conversion.