SEO Strategy for Service-Based Businesses

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November 25, 2020
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November 28, 2020

SEO Strategy for Service-Based Businesses

Search Engine Optimization is rapidly becoming one of the strongest marketing strategies available. Whenever people want to search for anything they Google it. Out of so many result options, there will be one website that will appear on top. This is because of SEO. Efficient use of SEO strategies will give good results and rank your website on top. The difference between the eighth spot and the top spot in search engines can mean the difference between 50,000 unique visitors a month to 50,000,000 unique visitors.
Businesses spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year for SEO strategists to come in and improve their site’s ranking.
Below are some SEO strategies for Service-Based Businesses to make their ranking on top. Even the folks at Google have confirmed these three easy ways to improve SEO for your business.

Quality Content
Begin with quality content on the specific topics that relate to your business and write it for actual human readers. The most important thing you can do to improve your website’s search engine traffic is to write the most fascinating, useful, accurate, exhilarating content possible.

Fantastic content doesn’t automatically equal lots of traffic. But if you continuously create it over time, and regularly participate in social media and your site’s feedback pages, it has the habit of building your traffic and search engine authority.

Keywords play a very important role in SEO. Before writing any content search for relevant and trending keywords. This will help you in ranking your content on top. There are some Keywords Tool which you can use to see trending keywords. Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool is used to see the relative volume of one keyword over another. Identify and use keywords that are moderately competitive to assert your search engine authority for them.

Good Title and URLs
Always try to keep your Title short and crispy. Make the use of keywords in your title and as well as on your URL. This will help in ranking the content on top. Try removing the site name altogether and replace it with a more SEO keyword-oriented title. This isn’t only because visually it looks better, but because it will work.

Change the Meta tags on your site’s page as well. The Meta tag is the little snippet of text that appears under the page link in Google or other search engines. Also customizing the Meta description tag to incorporate the main keywords relating to the services your company provides.

All these above strategies will help the Service based businesses to improve their SEO ranking.


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