Fractional CMO

At E-Vision Atlanta, we strive to provide innovative solutions at a fraction of cost.

fractional cmo

Fractional CMO

Our CMO understands everything there is to know about your firm, including its goods, services, customers, needs, and objectives. They are our digital marketing experts who conduct research, audit, and individual or group interviews with the members of your team to come up with the most valuable solutions.

These include


Our team digs deep with clients through open sessions that help us come to conclusions about your business. It’s a process that includes the big questions:    


  • Where are you strong?
  • Where do you struggle? 
  • And what are your aims and objectives?

Competitor Analysis

We take your competitors very seriously because no business operates in a void. Understanding who is out there, how they set customer expectations, and where there are opportunities to stand out are indicators in delivering a digital experience that’s above the rest.

Audience Research

Oftentimes, the standard process for audience research is personas – audience profiles that identify who customers are and what they will demand from your digital experience. A range informs personas of inputs, including analytics, social listening data, user testing, and client information. They help us focus on what visitors want and how they will navigate your digital activity.

Building a Strategy

Preparing a strategy is a team effort. Strategy, design, UX, and content experts all turn research into a compact plan for your digital brand. We focus on a multidisciplinary approach where the problems are evaluated, and big questions are answered. And because we build digital experiences ourselves, we don’t just describe what you should do, but how it can be done.

Presentation & Implementation

We present every client’s strategy, standing by to answer any questions and further explain how our decisions get made. After the first presentation, the team remains on standby and can offer clarity, answer questions, and plan the next steps to set the new experience.

Furthermore, opportunities we offer our clients more than simple answers; we also provide them with some level of implementation. E-Vision provides your business with an outsourced employee who will add value to your services and strategies.

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