Lead Generation

LeadGen is one of the key objective of any business. It can be in form of inbound-call, form fill up, signup or purchase. LeadGen is an art to generate lead to maximize the ROAS and keep the business profitable.

Performance or precision marketing.

LeadGen is a form of performance marketing / precision marketing where the key objective is generate results rather than reach, impression, views or clicks. The hybrid model of organic and paid marketing can bring better results in lead generation.

LeadGen campaign are more precise in terms of offering and audience. Having right offering and target audience can put the audience onto consumer journey track which ends up at conversion or lead.

Dynamics of LeadGen Campaign

Businesses launch their leadgen campaign without any objective and planning. 

  • Lead gen campaign is always based on offer +  audience  + expected results
  • Secondly, the leadgen campaign should be followed with retargeting, sequential email, and follow-up using CRM.
  • Last but not least, it has to be at least 3-6 months of activity rather running a search ad or Facebook boost the campaign.

LeadGen campaign approach

Unlike other campaigns, the LeadGen campaign is planned towards precision marketing.

  1. Identify the goal to achieve. It could be admission, new customers, sales, others. Perhaps, it has to be clearly articulated. For eg: To attract three new customers each month for Skin Rejurnivation treatment. While deciding the final goal, also consider adding intermediary goals like a number of web visits, a number of calls/form filled, and so on.
  2. Once the objective has been clearly defined with all micro-matrix then, the offer and audience have to be identified through historic conversion. LeadGen can be run more effectively if a business has historic data/web analytics
  3. Once the offer and audience is defined, the third step is to plan a consumer journey with one or more than one avenue (FB, website, ad campaign, etc) 
  4. Last but not least, the analytics of the campaign and its final output (leads) and intermediary output (clicks, abandoned cart, etc)  got to be analyzed on a weekly basis