SEO is critical to driving business growth. It helps reach new customers, build a strong brand, keep a check on the market and competition, and get direct customer feedback.

SEO 101

70% of web traffic originates from Google searches. People around the world use Google to search for products and services they wish to purchase. Now Google also offers Map, Shopping, Video, and other services to attract users and show them ads between these services. Therefore, having no place on SEO is like missing a viable opportunity.

SEO Paradigm. 

There are at least six types of search avenues where businesses must get indexed and strive to get top position for better reach and conversion. These are Web Search, Image Search, Local Search, Video Search, Voice Search, and News Search.

E-Vision SEO System

We have an in-house team of SEO Experts to take your message across. Here is our secret recipe for SEO

  1. Discuss the business offerings (product/services), objectives (1000 monthly sales through SEO), and target audience (youth living in 20 miles of Silicon Valley). 
  2. Once the strategy is defined, the second step is to find where the audience spends their time online (Youtube, social media, shopping, etc.)
  3. The third step is to do a bit of competitor analysis to present themselves on all such avenues to achieve their business objectives.
  4. The fourth step is planning by creating content, optimizing digital assets, and chalk out the execution.
  5. When strategy and planning are in place fifth step is execution. The execution covers onsite and offsite optimization, local business listings, web analytics, social media optimization, voice search optimization, and much more.
  6. After execution comes monitoring and steering. In this phase, many businesses suffer losses. Therefore, once you start SEO activities, keeping track of relevant traffic, meeting objectives, and generating profit are inevitable.
  7. Finally, reap the fruit of your hard work of SEO by wider reach, savings from ads spend, brand building, and 90degree growth.

We are your neighborhood Digital Agency, E-VISION is a SEO Company in Atlanta