Social Media Marketing

Engage current and prospects through Social Media and let the community talk about your product and services and get all the feedback for free. 

Social Media Marketing

Distinguish online community

Most businesses consider social media as a marketplace. This is where the businesses makes a big mistake. Social Media is all about community come together and discuss about the value offered by a company or a product and its short and long term reviews on ROI (Return on Investment), TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and so on.

Keeping the above notion in mind and offering product and services with no hidden fees and transparent in offering and giving value to the customers and empowering them gives company or product a wining brand amongst the community.

Within this community there are various personas or segments who have different behavior, a company or product with par excellence for one segment can be irrelevant for other. Social Media helps brands to buildup product and services customize for each segment and hear their feedback through social listening.




Managing social media for FGDL was fun; we came across many buyers with different expectations. Social Media helped us redefine the FGDL offerings that give more power to customers in creating their design yet, not on the website but in social media.

Our Social Media Services:

We help businesses stay ahead in social media through curated and engaging content. Our content is linked with action and outcome, which we measure through events and analytics. Usually, small businesses couldn’t afford such privilege, thanks to our in-house expert and certified team. They make it possible to account for each penny invested in social media platforms.

Audience Profiling/Persona

Audience profiling or Persona creation is the first step in any marketing strategy, and this applies to Social Media Marketing too. Once we curate a persona, this helps us select social media channels and communication pillars for the business.

Content Curation

When we publish content on any social media, there are a few essential considerations to consider, such as a) what is the communication, b) who is your audience, c) what do you expect from the post, and d) how will you measure it. Any communication missing one of the above components will surely miss the engagement and conversion expectation of any business.

Social Engagement

The most crucial outcome from Social Media Marketing is post engagement. We ensure that the post gets the proper attention by distributing it through our Digital PR, who populate content to relevant niche groups to get their insight. There is nothing as too many and too few content pieces but a proper amount of content that can create an engagement, such as curating content during Super Bowl 2022.

Reaching wider audience through Ad Campaign

Since we live in an age where the product cycle has shortened to six months, Social Media AdCampaign helps businesses reach a wider audience through targeting and retargeting to get a wider reach, desire attention, and reenforcing through retargeting. Launching social media ad campaign reduces the outreach and conversion from a few months to a few weeks, and companies can achieve their marketing goals.

Social Media Insights

Social Media Insights and Analytics gives an indept historical report and competitor analysis which can be a driving force for any company. We help businesses to understand the reports by interpreting the matrix into simple English for owner to understand the outcome of social media management.

Research + Social Listening | Discovering What Your Customers Care About:

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Our Solutions Process

Social Analysis

To know what drives your customers, you must know them on a personal level. We look behind your audience’s demographics, exploring insight into your customer’s lifestyles, attitudes, and interests. We identify the competitors’ platforms, how they interact with followers, and what content gets people talking and sharing.

Channel Outlining + Optimization

Every social platform offers different advantages. Our research guarantees your business is on the right platforms and produces the right content for each channel.

Whether you’re launching on social for the first time or heightening the customers’ expertise, our team can help optimize your company pages with new branding, specifications, calls-to-action, images, and much more.

Content Creation

Content is still the king of digital. And nowhere is that more visible than on social media. We deliver every piece of content imaginable, from story-driven posts to compelling advertisements. To keep your followers interested, we use our insights to promote the types of content your audience acknowledges and the channels where it will have the most significant impact.

Organic Social

While large-scale reach has mostly become a pay-to-play scheme, organic social is the central part of customers’ attention and a key point of contact. Smart businesses don’t neglect it. Our team works to benefit from opportunities to build your brand’s following. We create a content calendar for each channel and optimize messaging and content for their unique audiences as part of our organic strategy.

Paid Social

Just as data helps pinpoint your audience, it helps to maximize your ROI on social media. When it’s time to boost your organic efforts, our paid media team launches ads with specific audience demographics and habits, targeting them specifically. We continue to monitor the audience and performance, optimizing ad spend to ensure your social media marketing dollars are used with maximum effectiveness.

Measurement + Reporting

Continuous social ads monitoring gives us a big-picture view, but we are most reliable, digging deep into a campaign’s KPIs to measure them against a campaign’s goals. Reporting helps us discover ways to develop targeting and increase your company’s percentage of voice across each channel. We report to you in detail, usually every month.d

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