Social Media Marketing

Reaching out to communities in the form of fairs, events, congregations, etc has been a social norm for centuries. In the digital era, these social meet-ups have a new face called “Social Media”. Usually, businesses consider social media a marketplace, but it’s more about reach and engagement than selling. Although many social media platforms have come up with “Shop” options, still the fundamental of social media is all about reach and engagement, selling becomes more convenient.

Social Media Marketing

The marks of an effective social media partner:

Building a brand requires channel expertise, strategic thinking, and the ability to trust relationships with your customers. A good social media marketing agency provides the following:

Multi-channel marketing experience: As social media continues to change, they provide various opportunities. If a social media agency doesn’t evolve itself with the change, it cannot provide you with the growth you deserve.

Content development capabilities: Content gets people to lean towards your business compared to your competitors. But if the content doesn’t connect with your audience, or isn’t delivered to the right audience, your audience will look elsewhere for service, information, and entertainment.

Data-driven decision-making: Data plays a vital role in growing a business. Data can point the resources in the right direction and help a business flourish or become a digital disaster. If not taken seriously, data analytics can impact the going concern of a business.



We were mainly working on bring traffic through SEO, the site got huge attraction and the sales started to drive high. When we signup the sales were at $100k which were triple in due course of time, although there were other marketing efforts being done but we played an important role. We were targeting 10 keywords ranging from discount flower girl dresses, communion dress, flower girl dress and so on and they were on top consistently leaving other brands behind

Some of the work we did besides SEO were

· Editing video for youtube

· Social media engagement using sweepstake app

· Creating multiple mini sites to divert traffic to main site

· Creating stores in micro-marketplace


The need for site speed: cutting page load time
by 78% in just three months

We helped financial advisor Hilliard Lyons grow site traffic
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Our Social Media Services:

Research + Social Listening | Discovering What Your Customers Care About:

To make your customer resonate with your product or service, you need to know who your audience is. We look after an insight while using various tools which assist us in finding out about the targeted audience. Insights such as demographics, likes, and dislikes, interests and hobbies, taste and lifestyle, etc. This information assists us in identifying your close competitors, industry, and the technology that’s being offered in your sector. Once these factors are identified we create a roadmap that leads you to your desired destination.

Channel Planning + Optimization | Choosing the right channels for your brand:

Social Media is a world that provides various channels to offer your products and services. Choosing the right channel and content is the key to creating goodwill for your brand. Whether it’s the first time for your brand or you’re looking to enhance customer profile, Evision Atlanta can help you optimize the end-to-end brand building process.

Content Creation | Driving audience engagement

Without effective content, any effort of advertisement is a waste. Our teams of experts are fully equipped to deliver a digital masterpiece of both content and advertisement. To build your brand we use our insights to create content that would speak to your audience and distribute it among channels that would positively impact your business the most.

Organic Social | Establishing a devoted audience

While a large audience reach has mostly become a pay-to-play proposition, organic social is a sustainable way of building a devoted customer base. Our team works to capitalize on opportunities to build your brand’s following organically. As part of our organic strategy, we create content for each channel and optimize content for your unique audiences.

Paid Social | Amplifying strategic impact

Just as data helps pinpoint your audience; it helps to maximize your ROI on social media. Our media team launches ads with precise audience targeting where we continue to monitor the audience and to ensure your social media marketing cost is used to its maximum capacity.

Measurement + Reporting | Crunching the numbers

Ongoing monitoring of social ads gives us a bird’ eye view, but we do our best to measure KPIs against a campaign’s goals. Reporting helps us to determine ways of improving targets, creating more brand awareness. We report to you at regular intervals to keep you posted about the targets achieved.

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Our Solutions Process

Social Analysis

To know what drives your customers, you must know them on a personal level. We look behind your audience’s demographics, exploring insight into your customer’s lifestyles, attitudes, and interests. We identify the competitors’ platforms, how they interact with followers, and what content gets people talking and sharing.

Channel Outlining + Optimization

Every social platform offers different advantages. Our research guarantees your business is on the right platforms and produces the right content for each channel.

Whether you’re launching on social for the first time or heightening the customers’ expertise, our team can help optimize your company pages with new branding, specifications, calls-to-action, images, and much more.

Content Creation

Content is still the king of digital. And nowhere is that more visible than on social media. We deliver every piece of content imaginable, from story-driven posts to compelling advertisements. To keep your followers interested, we use our insights to promote the types of content your audience acknowledges and the channels where it will have the most significant impact.

Organic Social

While large-scale reach has mostly become a pay-to-play scheme, organic social is the central part of customers’ attention and a key point of contact. Smart businesses don’t neglect it. Our team works to benefit from opportunities to build your brand’s following. We create a content calendar for each channel and optimize messaging and content for their unique audiences as part of our organic strategy.

Paid Social

Just as data helps pinpoint your audience, it helps to maximize your ROI on social media. When it’s time to boost your organic efforts, our paid media team launches ads with specific audience demographics and habits, targeting them specifically. We continue to monitor the audience and performance, optimizing ad spend to ensure your social media marketing dollars are used with maximum effectiveness.

Measurement + Reporting

Continuous social ads monitoring gives us a big-picture view, but we are most reliable, digging deep into a campaign’s KPIs to measure them against a campaign’s goals. Reporting helps us discover ways to develop targeting and increase your company’s percentage of voice across each channel. We report to you in detail, usually every month.d

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