Video Ads

In video advertising, illustrations, animations, and cheerful background music are combined to produce an eye-catching ad that consumers will remember

Video Ads

Although video advertising refers to advertising that occurs before, during, and/or after a video stream on the internet, it is commonly recognized that it refers to advertising that occurs before, during, and/or after a video stream on the internet.

Nowadays, Videos ads are everywhere in Social Media (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc)

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Our Solution Process

Here are 6 steps for making an effective explainer video:

Creative Consultation for video advertising production

In this phase, we agree with the concept with the client and write a Creative Brief that includes 

Objectives – is this a new product launch? Are you looking to drive immediate response?

Message – what is the one clear message you want to get across in the Ad?

Target audience – who are you trying to reach with your campaign?

Standard requirements include:

Brand guidelines – is there a look or feel which needs to be incorporated?

Format – where will this commercial be seen? How long must it be?

Budget – how much have you got to spend?

Timing – when should the campaign run?

Creative concept

Once there is consensus on the creative brief, the creative team will produce several concepts/ideas that answer the brief in different ways. All proposed ideas will aim to achieve the objective as set out in the brief. Be incredibly careful of the claims you make in adverts. Not to mention the colors must be graded a certain way and all must go through various stages of approval.

Pre-Production of video advertising

The pre-production process includes scriptwriting, location scouting, prop collection. When the concept has been agreed upon, the creative team will write up the script and possibly produce storyboards to show the visual intent for each frame. The script will provide context, so we know when and where each frame is set. When both the team and the client are happy with the script, the client approves it. It’s somewhere between settling on a concept and moving forward with a finished script that I find the advert changes the most, and it is good that it happens in this phase as you do not want any changes later on in the production phase as it can make the project much more expensive.

Production of video advertising

The actual shoot can last anything from one day to several weeks depending on what is involved. Similarly, there can just be a skeleton crew or a sizable entourage. 

Post-Production video advertising

Includes all video editing, sound editing, and exporting of the TV commercial. Once the footage has been shot and complied into the rough cut of the commercial


To finalize the video there are some techniques to remember if you are producing for TV broadcasting, normally during these 30 seconds, there must be 3 seconds of a black screen before the advert starts. Then, there must be 12 frames of silence when the visual starts, and 12 frames of silence at the end but again, there is still a visual to accompany it. The final Ad is then sent to ClearCast where they check that it matches exactly the script that was approved. ClearCast give final approval for the Ad to be broadcast