Brand Strategy

By definition, a brand strategy is a long-term plan for the development of a successful brand to achieve specific goals. A well-defined and executed brand strategy affects all aspects of a business and is directly connected to consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments.

Long-Term Thinking for Marketers: Developing Future Strategy

There is a Japanese proverb “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”

At E-Vision our focus is always to build upon a winning strategy for the Brand and this can be done through winning the hearts and minds of the businesses and the stakeholders. No business can grow to the sky if they are missing with Brand Strategy.

Nowadays in these fast-changing corporate environments, businesses are ripe for disruption thus planning for the future is critical for profitability, organizational viability, and personal relevance.

Understanding the impact of developing technologies on business models, as well as how to build in the agility required responding to the uncertainty of what the future might look like, is a crucial talent for marketers and should be a component of any strategic thinking.

E-Vision Atlanta strives to provide you with planning methods that will not only postulate a competitive advantage in the near term but will also provide you with a strategy that will give you optimum utility in the long term.

the club price


The Club Price

The Club Price owned by Texas Jasmine a leading wholeseller based out of Texas approach us to launch their initiative to sell individual chocolate ad discount price. We launched the site and got them the first order in around 1.5 months. In through months they were at $30k sales. More importantly, we brought the conversion cost from Google Shopping from $8 to $2 and clicks from $4 to $0.40 cents.

Some of the key work we did for them were

· Market research about the product competitor

· Consumer behaviour who buys snacks and chocolates

· Offshoot we can launch besides online retail which came to subscriptions and specialize boxes

· We use analytics to drive offerings to right target audience which brought us huge conversion

· We use shopify advance features to manage the stores

· SEO were done to generate organic sales

· Pinterest and Instagram engagement were done to buildup branding

A true brand partner

Branding is a serious investment of both time and effort – you should be confident in the team you’re working with. Whether you’re looking to refresh an existing brand or start from scratch, find a partner that is:

Driven by research

No brand strategy should be based on a hunch. Smart teams make research a top priority from day one and base their strategic recommendations on what they learn.

Naturally collaborative

Your brand is the sum of many parts. Branding experts understand that. They’ll seek out creatives, marketers, analysts, and more to make sure the recommendations made are grounded in true best practices.

Focused on solutions

Brands exist to be seen. Effective strategists find exciting opportunities for activation, giving your team the tools to execute branding recommendations

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Our Branding Process

Your brand is the unifying force behind your business. Building it takes a creative heart and a strategic brain. Our team goes hands-on with clients to identify goals, gather information, and draw their branding roadmap.

Gathering Insights - Listening in

We kick off work by meeting with you for a series of critical stakeholder interviews. We hear out your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations, align on a vision for the future and set our goals and objectives for the rest of the project.

 We often add in quantitative research, such as surveys, to measure internal and external brand perception and understand how the brand is currently positioned.

Competitor Analysis - Knowing what you’re up against

 With more brand stories being told than ever before, there are usually plenty of rivals to learn from. By studying how competitors are presenting themselves and engaging consumers, we identify the brand horizon that’s occupied. Beyond direct competitors, we also look for inspiration in other industries.

Audience Research- Meet your future fans

Our team prioritizes audience research throughout the brand strategy process. To help us speak to your audience with a human touch, we build personas – representative user profiles that build a picture of the different types of people your brand will appeal to, and how your new brand will connect with them. These personas are informed by all the data and research compiled on the project to date

Insights + Concept – Bringing our research together

 Our strategy deliverable organizes our recommendations into an intuitive, 4-stage framework. 

The first stage, insights, lays out what we’ve learned and how it will inform the rest of the project.

 We move directly from insights into the second stage, the brand concept. This is where we explore stylistic territories at a high level, narrowing down a direction and charting a course for future exploration.

Story- Putting your brand in words

 A verbal identity is the sum of many parts: vision, tone, values, mission, voice and tone, and more. To craft yours, our strategy and copywriting experts team up to offer their insights and experience.

 Our role is not just to create the different parts of your identity, but to link them together into a powerful story that can be told across channels to employees, partners, customers, and the world.

Shape - Visualizing your brand transformation

 Once we have the story, we can start to tell it visually. Our gifted designers can equip you with all the assets your brand needs to look its best – everything from logo design and usage, to brand palette, photography, and social media direction, to the creation of brand collateral for your sales and marketing teams to show off.

Activation & Outlook- Moving toward the future

 Having a dialogue with our clients is essential as we hone your brand vision into something your team believes in. That’s why every brand strategy is presented to the client with ample time allowed for feedback. Post-presentation, our team is standing by to put plans into action and take the next step toward branding transformation.

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