Data Analytics

Data is powerful. It helps businesses find opportunities and maximize marketing efficiency. So it’s no surprise that businesses are collecting more data than ever before.

Data that lives up to its potential

But somehow, more data doesn’t always translate into valuable, actionable insights.

If you can’t separate signals from noise – and extract the insights that help you boost marketing performance – then your data collection is a story of lost opportunity.

Evision drives marketing success by infusing data with context to drive informed action. By collecting and visualizing data, and teaming up data experts with cross-disciplinary teams of marketers, we lay the foundations for smarter strategic decisions.


Electro computer warehouse

Electro computer warehouse set up their refurbish computer business in 2005 in Canada evision initially help to set up their in e-commerce business for local sales it was soon realize that the refurbished computer business can be profitable by selling cross border in US. Within one months’ time the sale in the US was 70% of the total sales not only that the website started getting big orders from US schools and South American Reseller. This is where company started the cross border and export business using the online website. The EVision role was to manage technology, marketing and back office solution for Electro computer warehouse. Highly sophisticated ecommerce store was developed linked with the CRM and with a team of experts managing the ads classifieds SEO. In three years time the company started getting orders from overseas businesses how from Eastern Europe like Poland and in Africa specially in Egypt and the Middle East. At this point E-Vision still a key Digital Commerce partner to setup Global Inventory Management and Call Centre facility, also provided training to the individuals who were selling the computers in a lot or as a container order to businesses around the world. In this case studies the E-Vision was the key driver for growth and innovation for the business. to build up their business from startup to a global business within a three years time. Today the Electro is into a business of exports and local sales through websites and marketplace sales through Walmart Amazon and other marketplaces the company is flourishing every day and reaching out new customer in North Americal and round the world.

E-Commerce website setup and and management, Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy. Digital Infrastructure setup, Web Analytics, Training, Back office, Offshore outsourcing, CRM Integration, etc

Marketplace : Amazon, Walmart, et

Choosing a data analytics partner

Data analytics requires technical skill and expertise, but it’s not all number-crunching. A strong partner should demonstrate:

A business mindset. It’s critical to measure marketing performance, but ultimately the point is to drive business impact. A strong data analytics partner should constantly be looking to tie marketing activities to business goals.

Effective teamwork. Numbers don’t speak for themselves, and even smart analysts can miss important trends without specialist expertise. Interpreting the data should be a team effort. 

Clear communication. A sharp analysis isn’t useful if no one communicates it. Your data analytics team should be regularly explaining what they’re finding and helping you make sense of it. 

Our Data Analytics process

Data is the fuel of any effective marketing and the means of measuring success. As such, collecting, analyzing, and reporting on data is critical to any marketing engagement with BFM.

Analytics Set-up

Assembling the data

We collect and bring together all available data so we can make maximum use of it. We ensure website analytics are properly set up and tracking the right goals and conversions.

Beyond your website, we typically use a range of tools to collect and visualize data, from Meltwater for social listening to SEMRush for search performance. We also integrate data from ad platforms such as Facebook Ads Manager or Google Ads.

Reporting + Iteration

Making an informed recommendation

We report to you regularly, typically monthly, about the performance of your marketing as well as the insights and trends we’re seeing.

In developing insights, cross-disciplinary collaboration is critical. Paid media specialists or copywriters often have ideas about why one audience or message is outperforming others. Testing out these theories allows us to iterate intelligently, resulting in better-performing marketing.

The usage of comprehensive digital marketing analytics is required to successfully evaluate the impact of marketing efforts. When most marketers hear the word “digital analytics,” they think of web-based metrics like traffic, bounce rate, and unique visitors, which are typically connected with well-known analytics like Google Analytics. However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to marketing insights. While web analytics can provide you a lot of information about your website’s performance, marketers need more data to understand how their marketing initiatives affect conversion rates and the buyer’s journey.

Meanwhile, digital marketing analytics provides a much more thorough picture of what’s working (and what isn’t) in your marketing plan.

Learning how to comprehend and use digital marketing analytics is critical, regardless of where you fit into your company’s marketing mix. Analytics data not only tells you if your marketing is effective but also shows you where and how you may improve. This kind of knowledge is beneficial to everyone.

E-Vision helps to identify the following most important metrics to track

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Average Order Value

We calculate how much your customers spend on a single order with your company.

Customer Lifetime Value

We avoid making one of the most common marketing mistakes: viewing your customer base through the lens of a single sale. Our experts at E-Vision measure CLV using a big-picture method. It considers clients in terms of how much income they will generate for your organization over the length of your relationship.

Customer Retention Rate

You know something is badly wrong with your products or customer connection strategy if you’re losing consumers almost as quickly as you’re gaining them. Repeat clients are the lifeblood of e-commerce firms since keeping pleased customers costs far less than acquiring new ones.

As a result, E-Vision can help you with the CRR e-commerce metric, which measures your ability to keep clients once you’ve acquired them.

Onsite Activity Metrics

We keep a careful eye on what visitors do after visiting your website. If they leave soon, we check for issues with website load speed, usability, or a mismatch between what visitors want and what you have to offer, and we give them the greatest experience possible.

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