E-Commerce Development

E-Vision has a holistic strategy to boost your E-Commerce sales and to assist you to establish your stunning success, we focus on providing bespoke e-commerce web development and administration solutions in terms of style, layout, and content. Our experts can help you build, operate, and grow your online business, even if you’re a startup or an existing enterprise wishing to improve.

Our Solution Process

Tech Discovery

We start by strengthening our understanding of where you are and what you need. This learning helps us refine the business requirements that will implicate the choice of technology.


We consider technical requirements, combinations, and customizations, along with the cost to lay out a strong foundation. In E-Commerce, a significant focus is ensuring the front-end team can deliver the quality of experience your customers expect.

Design & Copywriting

We regularly strategize, plan, design, and write leading E-Commerce sites. When doing so, we start developing the planning phase, so our entire team of specialists is thinking ahead on building the website.

Front- and Back-End Coding

An E-Commerce website build is managed by a Technical Project Manager who collaborates with the project Account Director to keep the timeline, budget, and work status on a path. Our development team is fluent in the whole range of modern web development languages, including PHP, .Net, Java, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, which allows us to create a website made to sell.

Testing against over 100 checkpoints

Our dedicated team ruthlessly evaluates the site against over 100 checkpoints before getting close to going live. We like to get our clients involved while the site is in beta. It lives on a development server, where you and your team can experiment with it.

Training & Launch

CMS training ensures you’re ready to run a flourishing E-Commerce business and handle everything from adding products to applying discounts, to managing returns. When everything is in working order, it is time to go live and let the sales begin.


Electro computer warehouse

Electro computer warehouse set up their refurbish computer business in 2005 in Canada evision initially help to set up their in e-commerce business for local sales it was soon realize that the refurbished computer business can be profitable by selling cross border in US. Within one months’ time the sale in the US was 70% of the total sales not only that the website started getting big orders from US schools and South American Reseller. This is where company started the cross border and export business using the online website. The EVision role was to manage technology, marketing and back office solution for Electro computer warehouse. Highly sophisticated ecommerce store was developed linked with the CRM and with a team of experts managing the ads classifieds SEO. In three years time the company started getting orders from overseas businesses how from Eastern Europe like Poland and in Africa specially in Egypt and the Middle East. At this point E-Vision still a key Digital Commerce partner to setup Global Inventory Management and Call Centre facility, also provided training to the individuals who were selling the computers in a lot or as a container order to businesses around the world. In this case studies the E-Vision was the key driver for growth and innovation for the business. to build up their business from startup to a global business within a three years time. Today the Electro is into a business of exports and local sales through websites and marketplace sales through Walmart Amazon and other marketplaces the company is flourishing every day and reaching out new customer in North Americal and round the world.

E-Commerce website setup and and management, Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy. Digital Infrastructure setup, Web Analytics, Training, Back office, Offshore outsourcing, CRM Integration, etc

Marketplace : Amazon, Walmart, et

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  • Congrats! You have taken the first step to launch an e-commerce store. As an ambitious entrepreneur, we understand you need an economical way to get started with holistic services. That's where E-Vision comes into play. We have a team of consultants, marketers, programmers, graphic designers, content/copywriters, analytics, back office (support, order processing, etc.), and more to give you peace of mind from all technical and operational aspects so that you can concentrate on ideas rather than microtasks.

Growth Hacking

  • Growth is a blessing! After months and years of struggle, now you know the business insights, and you need a partner who will understand your goals and work with you to achieve your e-commerce goals. E-Vision work as your partner to understand your growing needs and implement those needs in the shortest period. Whether operational, technical, innovation, new market reach, or profit margin. Our team, with a minimum of 10 years of experience each, can guide you to achieve your ambitions without compromising your business values and standards. We also believe in corporate social responsibility and can guide you on how to actively play a role in society even though you are a small business entrepreneur.

Enterprise Managment

  • Staying ahead in the fierce competition is the biggest challenge for brands. We understand the challenge and take it personally when working with renowned brands like yours. Enterprise E-Commerce is defined as a business with monthly $1m-$5m in e-tail (online retail) sales. Our team can quickly sync with the ecosystem and work with various stakeholders and vendors to act as a catalyst toward achieving common goals. We have worked with enterprises across the continents and achieved them to get listed in Fortune 5000. Our team is experienced, equipped, and qualified to become a growth and change management catalyst to adapt to new technology and trends.

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