Infrastructure Audit

Connect the dots and unlock the power of your hidden data

Infrastructure Audit

For someone with no analytics experience, understanding digital marketing infrastructure and knowing what to do with data can be challenging.

We at E-Vision take the uncertainty out of analytics for you with our step-by-step digital infrastructure methodology, and we embrace every chance we can to help you improve and amplify your existing digital marketing campaigns across the channels you use (and some you don’t).

To determine the performance of your systems, apps, and network, our experts examine their current situation. Their Audit provides an in-depth analysis of the business environment and further gives an insight into what needs to be improved within the digital marketing infrastructure


The Club Price

The Club Price owned by Texas Jasmine a leading wholeseller based out of Texas approach us to launch their initiative to sell individual chocolate ad discount price. We launched the site and got them the first order in around 1.5 months. In through months they were at $30k sales. More importantly, we brought the conversion cost from Google Shopping from $8 to $2 and clicks from $4 to $0.40 cents.

Some of the key work we did for them were

· Market research about the product competitor

· Consumer behaviour who buys snacks and chocolates

· Offshoot we can launch besides online retail which came to subscriptions and specialize boxes

· We use analytics to drive offerings to right target audience which brought us huge conversion

· We use shopify advance features to manage the stores

· SEO were done to generate organic sales

· Pinterest and Instagram engagement were done to buildup branding

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