Small Business SEO Service


5 types of SEO services for SMB


Its not just about getting the top position, its about reaching the right audience and generating qualified conversion.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization drives qualified leads to the brand’s digital assets (website, Facebook, YouTube, etc). Once your website is optimized for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, your site can position in a top placement which is called SERP (Search Engine Ranking Pages). Being on top guarantees clicks and conversions. Moreover, those sites which are on Top 3 on Google also gets exposure on search results on Google’s partner sites. It’s an exciting phenomenon through which businesses can generate qualified leads and build a brand reputation.

SEO for Small Businesses has become the mainstream digital marketing activity for businesses. There are many reasons for small businesses to plan and execute SEO. SEO for small business is vital for any size and shape of business. It may be a service business like the dentist, accountant, roofing company, spa and gym or a product company like selling jackets, grocery, toys, phone accessories and cosmetics, the SEO consideration is vital. This is equally important for startups and they should consider this in their planning phase.

Here are some of the questions answered on why SEO is important for small businesses

  • What is covered in SEO?

    These days there are at least 5 types of SEO viz Web, Images, News, Local and Video. A business has to consider its content on all these 5 SEO types and reach one of the top 3 placements.

  • Why focus on Google SEO only?

    Since Google is the major search engine it is crucial to achieving a top position on Google before moving to Bing and Yahoo for top positions.

  • How to evaluate an SEO Agency?

    There are few ways to evaluate or analyze SEO Agency. a) Achievements and Testimonials b) Team and Processes c) Years of experienced) Experience in the relevant niche.

  • What process is involved to reach on top position in SERP?

    It all starts with selecting the right keywords. Once you select the right keywords, then the next step is SEO Audit to determine where it stands? Once you know your keyword’s position then, plan for onsite and offsite SEO which include content creation, link building, monitoring and so on. If all the activities are performed well and the keyword is not targeting high-end keywords like “video conferencing” or “Disney Land” then you will be able to see visible progress in 3 months.

  • What is white hat or black hat SEO

    Many SEO companies consider a short cut approach to reach the top position and it works as there are few gaps in the Google mechanism. But, after a while which Google figures out the gap, it not only pushes the site below but, sometimes throw out from the search results which is called putting the site into “sandbag” (ban the site).

    On the other hand in white hat SEO, the SEO Agency will follow the Google guideline to get the site index and strive to achieve top ranking.

  • How to get started?

    One can start at any time. All you need is a keyword, landing pages, onetime SEO optimization (add keywords, meta description, etc on the landing page) and apply Google Analytics and Search Console in order to monitor the progress.

  • What is Local SEO?

    Through local SEO you may list your business on search engine directories like Google My Business, Bing Local and so on to get local verified visibility on google search results. Usually, the Local SEO attracts more visibility and clicks in the organic search.

    As a small business, you got to consider branding, conversion and reach for your business in search engines. It is also recommended to consider some paid campaign to get quick customers.

SMB can consider other digital marketing activities like social media, web development, email marketing to buildup a consumer funnel for reach and conversion by passing through various assets at various stage of purchase consideration.