Understanding the Link Network and Spammy Backlinks

December 17, 2019
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March 10, 2020

Understanding the Link Network and Spammy Backlinks

One of the best ways to establish authority with search engines is by having a strong link network. Popular websites can connect to your page and vice versa is a sure method of gaining followers and increasing visibility. When people are searching for information on search engines, they will end up on the most popular pages. If you are somehow present on those pages, you can count on the visitors to get redirected to your website as well.

Not only does this help people get a better understanding about the topic, but it also helps search engines rank you higher because of your PR with an already famous website. It is one of the core aspects of digital marketing. Not taking proper measures or adopting certain malpractices, your ship will drown very fast.

This post was drafted to clarify everything about building a strong link network and will help you understand what good things you can do for your website. By doing all of the below you are signing up for a number of benefits and an overall increase in your stream of income.

Here are some benefits of having a good link network:

1.  It increases your authority

The better the websites are in terms of domain authority, the better your website will be rated. People who will be redirected to your site will have faith in the content and the products because they’re source was also legitimate. It makes your authoritative in your field and niche pretty fast.

2.  It allows search algorithms to find you easily

Same is the case with search engines. If they have ranked a  website with high authority, any related link will also be given preference provided the rest of the tick boxes are checked. Search engines are exactly like humans in this aspect. If you put anything that might increase user interest then search engines will also show a greater interest in it. This is the reason why the use of media is appreciated as compared to plain text.

3.  Referral Traffic

Anyone who arrives on any of these websites will have a chance of being referred to your website. That is a fantastic way of ensuring that you can build a positive brand and website image. This is all based on whether your content is of the highest quality, because users will only click to obtain more information about the product and at that point if your content is not up to the mark, it will reflect negatively on both the sites.

4.  Visibility

The most important benefit it has, is that it increases the visibility of your products and of your brand. This is a major objective especially for growing enterprises who require more and more people to reach out to them and have awareness about them.

If you take the normal route and opt for physical marketing, even if your product is fantastic, it will take time to spread. But with a good link network, word will spread like fire. Because search engines also rely on popular websites to obtain more websites of the same authority.

Here is what you have to do:

1.  Avoid the bad neighborhood

Make sure to stay away from links that belong in the bad neighborhood, i.e porn and other adult websites. Gambling sites are also a big no no in terms of building a reputable link network. If you are a food business, you have no reason to link with such networks/sites and will reflect very negatively if you already have anything of the sort in place.

2.  Delete already present negative elements

If you see any link that may negatively affect your viewership amongst humans and search engines then you need to get rid of it immediately. It is pointless to give preference to quantity over quality and you can confirm by checking the links of popular websites you may already know off.

3.  Unrelated to your niche?????

If it has no correlation to your website then it has no place there. Get rid of anything that is unrelated and unnecessary. By doing so, you increase your speciality and search engines can mark and categorize you much easier.

4.  Spend some money

This is probably the only place in digital marketing where spending money actually means increasing domain authority. Apply for guest posts and blogs on some famous websites which are the leaders in your niche. It may be a little over the budget but can really give your company and your brand the boost you were looking for. By spending in the right places you can get a lot more in return.

One of the biggest things to understand when talking about the link network, is that search engines are exactly like humans. If you are doing anything good to attract more people to your website(i.e include photos, videos etc) then the search engine algorithms will also be attracted. This is how they are designed and anything you do to increase engagement with users is going to reflect positively at Google and you will automatically get ranked higher.

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