Web Analytic Services

After the whole Cambridge Analytica/Facebook scandal, the world has understood that the most valuable asset in today's generation is not oil, but data. Data gathering and analysis has become a trillion dollar industry and with good reason. With so much data being generated and gathered everyday, it has become a necessity to use it according to the growing needs of your corporation.

That is what EVISION Atlanta does for its clients. We use various web analytics tools to gather information and then process it. After handling all of that data, we make predictions and forecasts which are sure to improve the revenue generated. For example, we look at which social media platform is generating the most traffic and we start posting and updating specifically on that platform to ensure that the maximum viewers are reached.

By using Google Web Analytics, our team focuses on areas of improvements and targets those demographics such as location, age, ethnicity, places of interests and previous buying history which are sure to increase your following. So it is safe to say, that with the help of our Web analytics team, you maximise the number of people you can reach and have a positive impact on the growth of your organization. We simply design the entire campaign in such a way that the most basic of practices have a high rate of return.

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