Why Content and Page Speed Is Super Important for SEO

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March 10, 2020
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March 16, 2020

Why Content and Page Speed Is Super Important for SEO

Page loading and waiting time is a real concern for web developers everywhere. People lose interest very quickly and if your page takes too much time to load then it is a recipe for disaster. The conversion rates will always stay low. You need to optimise your site such that it does not overwork the system and make your site slow. Popular websites such as Walmart have reported positive conversions for every second they improved in page loading time. We have our own Atlanta SEO company which can enable your 

You need to have a fast site to keep people interested in it. There is a 25% decrease in conversions for every second it takes to load your page. That is a hefty sum of traffic which you are ignoring due to malpractices. 

There are many tools that can be used for increasing site speed and we know how to use all of them. We also have a qualified team of in house digital marketers who can give your brand good publicity amongst search engines and websites.

Why you need it

It allows your bounce rates to decrease considerably. If people arrive on your page and find that it is taking more than 3 seconds to load, 47% of the traffic will leave. You need to maintain a high conversion rate and a low bounce rate

Here are some other ways you can improve site speed:

  • Reduce https requests
  • Reduce file size and quantity
  • Decrease TTFB
  • Choose the right hosting options
  • Reduce server-side response
  • Decrease image size
  • Use content delivery networks
  • Embedding videos instead of uploading
  • Use minimal plugins
  • Optimized CSS
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Compress files
  • Remove extra code

As the population on the internet increases, so does the value of good original content. People prefer to invest resources in content which is unique and one of a kind. Copied and plagiarized material is never appreciated both by humans and algorithms. And if you want to generate revenue online, you have to keep both happy so once and always, content is king.

There are many ways you can increase the time spent by visitors on your site. You just need to keep them occupied with easy to understand the text. Text alone becomes dry, you need media. Informational videos, photos, ads, surveys are just some of the few ways you can make your website more attractive. 

Keeping in mind the small details to give your brand the personalization that it needs. Here are a few other ways of making content more enriched and attractive.


Your text should be well defined. Including headers, bullet points, bolds and italics all help your cause. Simply writing a paragraph which has no guidance or headings makes it hard to understand for readers. It also makes it harder for search engines to find you. You need to be clear cut and concise when creating your content. H1, h2 tags must also be included as it affects how the search engines view your website. 


You need to add the right amount of photos on each to ensure that the viewer likes what he sees. It’s proven to have a higher ROI if you add effective pictures and informational videos which convey the message in a lighter tone. The information delivered in videos is also more likely to be remembered as compared to plain text.


This should be on the number one spot but there is a high emphasis on how unique your content must be. If you create informational copies you are channelling more attention towards the keywords and to your brand. Keep it simple, smart and related.


There can be some clarification that the reader might require on a topic. You can hyperlink related links allowing the person to go to some other website for more information on the same topic. By creating a credible and reliable backlinks network, you can allow search engine algorithms to arrive on your site much faster increasing your visibility in search results.

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